Turning limited artworks into unlimited donations.

WWF decided to turn the hype into help by using NFTs to protect something that is equally unique and irreplaceable: endangered species. Non-Fungible Tokens became Non-Fungible Animals. In collaboration with renowned international artists, 10 digital artworks were created to protect 10 endangered species. All NFAs were limited to the exact number of animals left in the world.

A website was created using the payment provider MoonPay, allowing every buyer to purchase the NFAs by simply using a credit card or Apple Pay.

We asked people to visit the website and buy NFAs, encouraging a direct response from them to support the cause.

Using our own artists as top influencers, such as Bosslogic, with more than 2.2 million followers on Instagram, the strategy led the campaign to high levels of engagement and social reach.


Non-Fungible Animals turned OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace, into a whole new fundraising system for species conservation.


CCO: Dennis May
CGO: Christoph Pietsch
ECD: Christian Anhut, Andreas Läufer
Technical Lead: Max Penk
Senior Art Director: Ian Guimarães, Tela von Mücke
Senior Copywriter: Gabriel Lepesteur, Clemens Wadepohl
Copywriter: Laura Gaszak, Uwe Grothey
Art Director: Cara Shikura, Hendrick Mueller, Stefan Nauert
Project Manager Digital: Friederike Eichhorn
Project Manager: Alexander Hatzekonstantinides
Account Manager: Marco Diel
Director Technology: Joel Ramirez