Mamba Forever set and its 24% longer-legged Kobe Minifigure.

The Mamba Forever Set is a tribute to one of the greatest basketball players in history, Kobe Bryant, and his daughter, Gianna Bryant, who was following in his footsteps. To keep Kobe's legacy alive as an extraordinary athlete, committed citizen, and caring father, we developed a unique set for the current and the next generations all over the globe.

It consists of a court, a hoop, a basketball, and two minifigures: Gianna, with the shorter/kids legs, and Kobe, with longer ones: 24% longer than the standard/original ones, as a tribute to his iconic T-shirt number. It's an opportunity for everyone to play better than yesterday because only the best is good enough.



CCO: Alex Schill
ECD: Christian Sommer
Senior Art Director: Ian Guimarães
Senior Copywriter: Gabriel Lepesteur
Account Lead: Jeferson Lopes Cocate
Illustrator: Felipe Mayer